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5 Uses For Medicines

Facts on the Rx Symbol on Drugs

Most people have encountered the Rx symbol especially in medicines. Most of them do not however know of its meaning. Some people think it is a logo for certain products. This is however not the case. The symbol is usually a capital letter R extended to make an x This makes them one and not two different letters. It has been used widely especially by medics. There are many theories that try to explain the origin of this symbol. Though these theories are derived from different cultures, they try to explain the same thing. People have therefore got an understanding of its meaning.

In the Latin culture, this symbol comes from the Latin word ‘recipere’. The word means to take. Doctors use it to prescribe medication to their patients. This normally directs how the medicine should be taken and at what time. It is also seen as a command symbol. When used in a sentence, people are required to do as stated. It ensures a better understanding to patients on the right dosage of the drugs. It therefore emphasizes commands.

In the Egyptian culture, the symbol was used to represent the ‘eye of Horus’. This was an Egyptian god associated with bringing good health. Evil spirits were also kept away by this god. It was therefore a symbol of protection for the community. The graves of the Egyptian kings were inscribed with this symbol to ensure their safety in the afterlife. This worked well in giving the community a feeling of safety as they knew that with the symbol, no harm could befall them. It was as well used on those who needed healing. This is why its use is still common in the medical field.

the symbol was used as a sign for the god of Jupiter in the roman culture. It was considered the king of the gods as it was the largest star. People believed that worshipping this god brought about healing. It was believed that it had the power to command all other gods to ensure the wellbeing of the community. So that the gods assured healing, the medicine men would have the symbol on the medication they give to their patients. This gave a sense of hope to the patients that they would be granted healing.

For decades, the symbol has been in use. Its use is most common in the medical area despite the various theories that try to explain its origin. This symbol can be found in pharmacies and drugs. People need to be aware of this symbol by understanding its origin and meaning. This prevents the rise of superstitions regarding the meaning of this symbol. It also ensures appropriate use of the symbol within its area of. Having an understanding of the various symbols used is important to people.