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What Happens When a Patient Sees the Dentist For Single Dental Implants?

When decay or injuries cause a tooth to be lost, a person can find themselves ashamed of the appearance of their smile. When a tooth is missing, this leaves a gap and causes other teeth to shift out of their normal position, making the smile look less attractive. Dental offices across the country offer a solution for missing teeth in the form of single dental implants. These implants are able to replace missing teeth and give a person back the smile they used to have.

Dental implants are able to permanently replace missing teeth so a person’s smile is made complete. With a consultation appointment, an individual will be able to learn if they are a good candidate for implants. An ideal candidate must have healthy gum tissue and a strong jawbone. If there is not enough bone tissue in the socket, the patient will need to undergo a bone graft before the placement of the implant.

The surgery that places the implant is the most important part of the procedure. During this procedure, the gum tissue is opened with an incision and the implant rod is placed through the socket and screwed into the jawbone. This rod will become the “root” of the prosthetic tooth so it is vital it bonds with the bone. Bonding is a process where the body grows new bone cells around the titanium rod. Full bonding takes a few months to be accomplished but once it is finished, the implant will be as strong as a natural tooth root or even stronger.

A person will need to have the abutment applied to their titanium rod once the healing process has taken place. The abutment is vital for attaching the prosthetic tooth to the implant rod. Once the prosthetic tooth has been put in place, the hardware will not be visible above the gum line.

Implants successfully replace missing teeth, allowing individuals to improve their smile. If you are tired of having gaps in your smile, call the dentist for a consultation appointment. With dental implants, your smile can be made beautifully complete. Call today to get started.